Blue White Country Daisy 80th Birthday Invite

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Here is what they say about this Blue White Country Daisy 80th Birthday Invite.

Cornflower blue, yellow, green and white daisy floral th birthday invitation. This blue and white daisies adult birthday invitation is a good choice for a summer birthday or a spring birthday. This white chamomile daisy or shasta daisy flower th birthday invitation features beautiful watercolor white petal, yellow center daisy bouquets with blue flowers and green leaves. This cottage chic or country daisy birthday invitation has a great country look, so it&#;s perfect for a country style birthday party. It can also be used for any other milestone birthday year as well (th, th, th, th, etc). Further customizations are possible (font, font color, background colors, etc), by clicking on the "click to further customize link" below the personalize options. Contact the designer if you want any other matching items to go with this design that aren&#;t already included in the collection.

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