Elegant Silver & Black Women's 50th Birthday Invitation

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Beautiful, glamorous trendy, modern, romantic and sophisticated feminine design for women&#;s th birthday party events. Elegant and glamorous fabulous fifty birthday party. With a beautiful fancy swirly decoration border frame in a stunning silver glitter effect with a black replica underneath to give a 3D shadow effect. The corners have a pretty sophisticated corner decoration in a black glitter, all printed on a glamorous silver gradient background, your event details are in the center of the card encased with a black border. The reverse has the same border frames and silver background. . All text, font size and font colors are fully custromizable. These are beautifully designed invitations with cute, stylish, silver and black colors. Perfect for spring/summer events, but can be used for any season . A fashionable modern design with a sophisticated romance look. , If you would like help in customizing your product please contact me through my store and i will be very happy to help you. This example is for th birthdays but can be used for any age.

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