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Go international, go global and say Happy Birthday in eleven languages! The International Happy Birthday Design is colorful and multi-lingual. There are four variations of this design available. In the one version, each language is presented in a different font and each happy birthday font is on a rectangular background of color. The three color choices are: red, orange and yellow, shades of blues and purples, and shades of blue and green. The final version features the happy birthday fonts in a rainbow gradation of colors. The eleven languages included in this design are: Russian, English, French, Bulgarian, Mongolian, Chinese, Japanese, Ukrainian, German, Spanish and Portuguese. Say Happy Birthday with an international style birthday party! Visit Electric Pop Spot to see all our typography designs! And while your at it, check-out the hundreds of fantastic pop art designs on a huge assortment of quality products. We loaded the following categories with pop art graphics: fashion and style, current events, cities and countries, food and cooking, human anatomy, LGBTQ, weaponry, music, photography, Russia and Putin, animals and wildlife, symbols and emblems, technology, transportation, US Presidents, and world leaders. ? Transforming Pop Culture into Pop Art!

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