50 and Fabulous Party Invitation with B&W Photo

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Here is what they say about this 50 and Fabulous Party Invitation with B&W Photo.

This fun, modern card design features all the text details on the left surrounded by lots of white space, and a black and white photo on the right side. The " & Fabulous" elements are rendered in black, white and hot pink. (As a bonus, they coordinate nicely with other designs in my store, geared toward your th birthday celebrant.) Each text detail that needs to be changed for your own DIY needs are set up with template fields you can easily change: name, date, party details and RSVP elements. And although you see a picture on the right side, all you need to do is replace my space holder pic with your own photo of the person you&#;re celebrating (preferably in a situation in which she is showing off one of the ways she&#;s memorably fabulous, if you can swing it!) and voila: the design is getting closer to what you need. The space holder photo was used with permission from If you have any reason to keep the template photo for your own use, please just sign up (it&#;s free!) for an account with this cool free photo site and it&#;s yours!//The back of the photo features a bold, retro, wave pattern design that complements the front. (However, as a bonus, there is a totally different style of black and white pattern that&#;s much different – an elegant, feminine white-on-black with wispy curved swirls – hidden underneath that you might choose instead. Alternately, let me know if you&#;d like a different pattern and I&#;m happy to help you out!)

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