Let's Get Spooky Halloween Any Age Photo Birthday Invitation

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Halloween birthday party invitations. This modern design features a hand-drawn frame of Halloween elements: a spider, cobwebs, a black cat, a witch’s hat, a skull, bones, candy, and more! Inside, it reads "let’s get spooky!" in a cute decorative font. Below that, the event information starts with "Join us for a spooktacular time at". Your child’s name and age appear in all caps in the same fun font as the title. I added a template message for a costume party prize, but you can change this to show any extra information about lunch, gifts, or anything you need. The right-hand side of the invite features a photo of your choice! Add your own custom photo to this design to showcase your kid on their special day! We love photo invitations, as they double up as super-cute keepsakes, to stick on the fridge or add to a photo album! This design is black and white with a pop of orange, my favorite Halloween color! The back of the card is also orange with a white star pattern. This invite is gender neutral – great for little boys and little girls! To get started customizing these invites, simply click on the "Personalize this template" button and change the placeholder text. If you would like to access the more advanced editing options, select "Click to customize further" and you will be able to edit fonts, colors, placement, and more! Feel free to contact me with any questions, but please note that I can’t modify an existing order! More fall and Halloween birthday party invitations are available in our store!

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