COLUMBINE Sweet Sixteen Masquerade Party,blue gold Invitation

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Colorful,whimsical,vibrant Venetian masquerade blond woman with feathered masks,sparkling gold,fuchsia fabrics,baroque masked ball costumes with watercolor painting in yellow,blue green,red,pink,floral swirls,flourishes,gold sparkles and a magic butterfly plant,inspired from Carnival of Venice,Venetian masks, Comedy of Art (Colombina – Commedia dell&#; Arte ) This cool and artistic design is perfect for weddings,nuptial ceremonies,anniversary,bridal showers,Halloween costume parties,sweet birthdays,Fat Tuesday,costumed dance balls,holiday party,family reunions,cocktails,new year&#;s day eve celebrations,Valentine&#;s day ,gatherings,concert,recital ,romantic engagements,save the date announcements or just about any event you wish. make custom gifts at Mardi gras ( Fat Tuesday), Valentine&#;s day. make custom gifts at Zazzle. modern abstract figurative fine art,sweet sixteen quinceanera birthday balls,venetian mardi gras feather masks,carnival costume ball feathered mask,sassy fashion dress bridal shower,save the date romantic engagement,ballroom dance night club dancing,elegant beautiful blonde woman character,floral black red wedding party,classy performing arts entertainment events,personal,fantasy,trendy,entertainment,theater,holiday,feathers,flourish,flowers,anniversary cocktail Colorful ,elegant ,whimsical watercolor painting with red flourishes , inspired from carnival of Venice and venetian custom gifts at Zazzle.

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