Birthday Party Invitations for Teens

One of the hardest groups to satisfy when it comes to birthday invitations are the older children. If you have teens in the house you will know how difficult it can be to please them when it comes to celebrating a birthday.

It is easy to say that it’s just a phase and that they will soon grow out of it. But you need to take the thought a little further.

Up Until Now You Had It Easy

What does it mean to grow up?

When you are a child you can grab an idea and let it take you away. You may think that princesses or pirates are the way to go and away they’ll go. That is the theme of the year. This will start to slow though once they hit their tweens.

Once they are teens the “baby parties” of the last years are “so out, mom.”

So what is a mother to do in such situations?

We’ve got plenty of options for your teens. But sometimes they are a fail. It can happen. We can live with that, since that is all part of growing up.

But what can you do for a moody teen who has an idea of what they don’t want but no idea of what they do want?

Extreme times call for extreme measures. And it is times like this that I suggest taking it to the next level (a video game pun).

The Perfect Invitation

When you hit a certain point you just need to break outside of the box. Thinking about your child’s birthday party as a normal party can help. This will give rise to more popular options.

And when you do this the perfect invitation is just around the corner.

Choosing A Theme

If you recall when you started reading we talked about a couple of different themes that are popular with small children. There are many different types that might be popular with your child. But as they grow the desire for something more mature takes precedence.

And why not?

One way you can make the party a success is knowing your child. What are their interests and hobbies?

There are many different hints that you can build on.

One example that comes to mind is the intelligent young woman (age 14) who loved horses. She is a real outdoors type of person.

Well as you can imagine, birthday party invitations with ponies just wouldn’t cut it. But her mother still wanted to give her the fitting birthday bash.

This is where a creative mother took it to the next level. And this time it isn’t a pun. After some searching she found a site that offered rustic themed invitations that would do a great job for the party she had in mind.

But there was one small problem.

They were wedding invitations. These rustic invitations are the ones that gave her the inspiration and acted as a base for her daughters 15th birthday.

While a timid mother would turn back and settle on ponies, our mother was able to overcome the idea of using a rustic wedding invitation and made the whole thing work. And the results couldn’t have been more perfect.

Not only did she get the invitations that would fit the country theme of her daughter’s birthday she found a way to do it in style.

Wedding Invitations?

I know that many of you are a little confused right now. How could you use a wedding invitation, even if it is a rustic one as a way to invite people to a birthday?

The idea may seem strange at first, and in fact some people may find it in appropriate but as I hinted at before … desperate times call for drastic measures. And had the selection been small the results might have been less than satisfactory. Thankfully that wasn’t the case.

Today, you can find many different style of invitations for weddings. The plain flat white ones that my husband and I used have long been considered outdated. And in my humble opinion many of the modern options don’t look like wedding invitations at all.

That was the lucky part for our resourceful mother. She was able to take something and totally make it her own.

The DIY Spirit

If you’re a resourceful mother and you can’t bring yourself to order wedding invitations, even if they are rustic you can always go for the do-it-yourself approach.

One tip that I liked from my group was purchasing a pack with all of the required accessories. Those are the invitation cards, RSVP and thank you notes. The et doesn’t run that much and you can probably find them at your local Staples.

Invitations for Any Occasion

Getting what you want from a piece of paper isn’t hard.

Getting the right piece of paper for your special birthday girl or boy can be a challenge as they get older.

But as you can see it can also be an easy task once you start looking for ways to give them what they want without taking the well worn path. By taking invitations that were intended for other types of celebrations, in our example rustic weddings, and turning them into something fun and unique you can find the perfect invitation nine times out of ten.

Hopefully you will be able to provide your child with the best fit as they grow.

And until then we have one of the largest selections of birthday party invitations for (almost) all of your party needs.